My Committees

I am a member of 6 committees, the maximum allowed LOL and 3 fun groups. If I can set a special rule for me I would like to join more 😀 Below you will find the link to my individual committee pages where I would really like to add more information soon.

As a member of GOF, it is mandatory to be a part of at least one of the committees. Well as last time I am part of quite a few 🙂

When I joined, I naturally joined the committees that I were a part of before viz Newsletter and Games & Events. I was also a member and ACL of Recipes Committees before but I decided not to join it this time due to lack of time and hence no cooking 🙂 The Games and Events Committee has now closed.

I am the ACL for the Newsletter Commitee. Thank you Cheri for inviting me to be the ACL. I love this committee. I started by writing articles on India. But I now I am thinking of writing some other stuff too.

I participated in the Tournaments and really wanted to join the committee. Thanks to Lady Memnoch for the special invitation to join it 🙂 The Site Review Committee is involved in checking all the new sites that join the garden and check whether they are compliant and eligible to be our member. The Membership Pride Committee checks the various sites of the members and verify whether they are continuing with the Garden’s rules and policies. During July 2009, I felt like getting a change. So I joined the Special Occasions Committee. This committee makes pages for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events for all the members of GOF. Since the GEC closed down I was short of 1 committee 🙂 so when Ann advertised for the Awards Committee I happily joined 🙂

Newsletter Committee

Tournament Committee

Site Review Committee

Membership Pride Committee

Special Occasions Committee

Awards Committee

In addition to the above committees I am also member of few Fun Groups.

Taggin Time Group

Photography Group