Geeta – My Mom

Hello there. So you’re in Mom’s room. Her full name is Geeta Bhattacharya also known as Seema 🙂 . She’s always been my pillar of strength. My best friend and a wonderful cook. I just miss her when I go to my hostel.

Hey This is Mommy. I knew from the beginning that I will have a place in Boom’s site. You know I call him by a variety of names. Just about anything. But he understands everything. Since he went to hostel there’s always an empty space at home.

I am a housewife. My favourite pastime is cooking. Boomboom loves to eat like anything. I too enjoy cooking when he’s around. Thats why some times Babu complains that I love him more. This is not true.

I am married very happily to my husband for 30 years. I think he is the best and sweetest person on earth. He understands my feelings so well. I love him dearly.

I always wanted Boomboom to be a doctor but he is an engineer now. I am happy that he is doing his job well. May god bless him always.

Couple adopted from Adoption Haven