Debjyoti – My Elder Brother

Hello there. So you’re in Babu’s room. He is my elder brother. Older to me by 8 years :)). His full name is Debjyoti Bhattacharya. He is a terrific singer. When he starts practising at home, we just all stare in his direction listening to him in awe. His birthday is December 25th and wow I love it when I see a wonderful smile on his face when I wish him.

Hey This is Babu. Huh well I fought my way into the castle. Hahaha initially Boomboom did not want me to have a room here but I stood firm. LOL just kidding. Boomboom isn’t like that he definitely planned me also into the house right from the beginning.

I am studying to be a cost accountant. Well it is a tough course. You know I am unable to go into this course in full swing because of my illness. My concentration is not getting set into the course. But Boomboom says I can do it. When my little brothie has that much confidence in me then why not I myself have that. So I can assure you that I will definitely complete this course.

Rest said I definitely love Boomboom dearly. Well right now he is a prized possession hihihi. God always bless him.

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