Debidas – My Dad

Hello there. So you’re in Dad’s room. His full name is Debidas Bhattacharya. I love him like anything. He has always worked worked for all our needs. You know I have never asked for pocket money. I just never required it. Because I knew whenever I need something I can always go and ask him and he won’t say no. I love you dad.

I Love My Parents

Hey This is Dad speaking. Haha. So Boomboom made a room for me. I thought I would never get a place in this cottage. Anyway He’s just lovely. I love him so much. I love both of my sons. I am an engineer.

I work in the Central Coalfields Limited in the Computer Deptt. Boomboom is a mess when he comes home. Since he sits 24 hrs in front of the computer and internet and my phone bills for those months. God knows. But anyhow I like to have him around me. Bye and thanks for taking a look around my room.

Boomboom and Daddy Bear

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