Boomboom – Thats Me

Nickname : Lord Boomboom
Full Name : Shubhojyoti Bhattacharya
Age : 21 years
Qualification : B.Tech (I.T)

Computers have always been my fascination and hence when I got a chance to study that I was very happy. But you know I badly wanted to be a doctor. When I couldn’t clear any medical college entrance exams I was very depressed. But I was always prepared to do anything thats suitable. And I turned to engineering.

I have no particular hobby. But I enjoy reading. Again I have no favourites in novel or I don’t have a favourite author. I just chance upon a book and start reading it. If I love that I just continue. I love singing. To be more precise I think I’m a good singer (oh!really).I also like travelling a lot. My best hobby is making friends. I just enjoy that. I love to make friends just about with everyone. I also like to make many webpals. If you too wanna become one just email me. This is me in a jist. I have many other facets and likes and dislikes. You can find it out throughout by simply browsing throughout the site.