My Family Pages

Welcome to my family pages. Here I am putting up pages about my family members. These pages have old content and I am going to add to them soon. So check back soon.

Boomboom – Thats Me

Computers have always been my fascination and hence when I got a chance to study that I was very happy. But you know I badly wanted to be a doctor. When I couldn’t clear any medical college entrance exams I was very depressed. But I was always prepared to do anything thats suitable. And I turned to engineering.

Sumi – My Wife

About my Wife

Geeta – My Mom

This is Mom’s room. Her full name is Geeta Bhattacharya. She has another name Seema 🙂 She’s has always been my pillar of strength. My best friend and a wonderful cook. I just miss her when I go to my hostel.

Debidas – My Dad

Hello there. So you’re in Dad’s room. His full name is Debidas Bhattacharya. I love him like anything. He has always worked worked for all our needs. You know I have never asked for pocket money. I just never required it. Because I knew whenever I need something I can always go and ask him and he won’t say no. I love you dad.

Debjyoti – My Elder Brother

Hello there. So you’re in Babu’s room. He is my elder brother. Older to me by 8 years :)). His full name is Debjyoti Bhattacharya. He is a terrific singer. When he starts practising at home, we just all stare in his direction listening to him in awe. His birthday is December 25th and wow I love it when I see a wonderful smile on his face when I wish him.