Site Changes Together

February 10, 2010 @ 11:37 am

You all know how I love WordPress and Textpattern. Now using these 2 CMS I now have multiple sites each spread over different servers and domains. Though I do remember all my username and passwords to access each of these installs it really is a pain to remember all of them. Hence I have decided to try and bring all of them into a common installation. Any solutions? Yes there is. And its present with both WordPress and Textpattern

WordPress has a separate installation called WordPress MU where you can create multiple Sites/Blogs using its Admin interface. Textpattern has recently added multi-site capability from 4.2.0 version onwards. Which ones do I use? I decided on WordPress MU. Textpattern’s multi-site capability was simple enough but I didnt want to add Virtual Hosts manually for it which it requires. I felt that WordPress MU was a better option.

So now lots of changes will occur as I bring all my sites together. Wish me luck.