New Year New Beginnings

February 2, 2010 @ 7:35 am

Well its start of February and it seems I am welcoming the new year just now. But yeah real life made me lose complete sense of the time and I have never ignored my sites so much before as I have done in the past 1 year.

My days with Alcatel-Lucent are over. I quit there and 30th December was my last working day with them. The new year has paved way for me joining my new workplace, Brocade Communications. Do I like it here? Yes so far. Lots of factors really. It is a small company in terms of manpower compared to Wipro and Alcatel. So yep I wont be lost here. Also work is there a lot and I am getting to test features which are virgin – as in not tested and touched by anyone. This was one of the fun discussions I had with my colleagues during the first 2 weeks. Its been now 3 weeks here and so far whatever I have is positive. I hope this continues. I really want stability and fun in my job. I should get the feeling every morning waking up like yes I am going to office and I will work in this and this.. It used to happen at Wipro when I was in the IPI project but after that it completely went away. It went to the extent of me dragging myself every morning and considering if I wanna go to work. I dont want my professional life to be like this. So far with Brocade this situation has not arisen and I hope it never does.

My flat at Calcutta is my own now 🙂 Well I bought it last year then how come it is my own now you might wonder? Well during the 1st week of Jan I went to Calcutta and got it registered. So officially its on my name yayyyyyy to me 🙂

Lots of other stuff are on in my life. Sumi and me are now gradually trying to go into full fledged savings mode and removing our debts as much as possible. All this due to the fact that we are planning a huge investment in Bangalore probably early 2011. We are planning to buy a flat. The thought is still in its infancy so will see how it shapes up. But for that we need funds. Even though around 80% of it will be through Housing Loans still the remaining expenses need to met by us.

Web design stuff is going fine too. I am planning some new designs hopefully everything will get shaped up nicely 🙂

Till next time ciao.