New Look and Beginnings

November 3, 2010 @ 7:51 pm

Well as you all would have noticed by now, I am again redesigning the site. And I dont know about you all but I feel this is the best design this site has had so far. I am quite happy with it. It took a lot of effort on my part because I am not a big fan of merging and creating a seamless top with effects. Sumi is much better at that. But I took this redesign project as a challenge. Obviously the main images contains images and elements from other great designers from whom I bought them. They are really awesome designers and I feel their prices are apt and deserving. The 2 designers whose paid graphics I have used to complete this redesign are Veronica Atancio at Folkvangar Designs and Dana Sitarzewski at Jaguarwoman Designs. Please give them a visit and if you have a passion of webdesign I am sure you will like something there.

Flowers have always fascinated me and hence this design contains flowers. Its a bit fantasy oriented too. Green is not my favorite color but this is the 3rd green themed design for this site. Sometimes I do surprise myself. 🙂 I have tried to keep the coding very simple and it is HTML 4.01 strict compliant so far. I am sure there will creep up some invalidation somewhere as more and more content gets added. So in case some of you who still look at my site find something uncompliant let me know. The layout is consistent across all browsers except IE6 for me where it does look weird in some resolutions. I really tried my best to make it look good in IE6 but I just couldnt do it fully 🙁 But I will keep trying as I have not yet ported all content to this site so I still have time to finalize the layout 🙂

I am going to put together many content from various different sites of mine into this one, so the site will grow gradually so keep a lookout for that. And yeah  I have promised myself to blog regularly now. You know how many times I made that promise to myself. So let me try to get it right this time hehehe. Cya later.