The New Design is Up

November 10, 2009 @ 11:17 am

The new design is up now. I have merged my Dominion site and moved everything here 🙂 I will still be keeping my domain but I will use it basically as a playground for doing some whacky stuff. I am still learning a lot of PHP and stuff so will try to use them in that site. Only if I can show anything worthwhile I would transfer those stuff to this page or simply link to it to that domain.

So all purposes this is now my personal domain. I had this one for at least 2 years now but this only had my extra stuff before. It will take few days to move all my stuff from old domain to this site.

Sumi designed this entire set and I am glad how it turned out to. Still most of the links would not work as they are being added. Check back soon.