So Whats going on

August 31, 2009 @ 11:34 am

Lots actually. I am writing this from the hospital. Dad got admitted today for his Kidney stone operation. I was getting bored just sitting here so when I got to know Columbia Asia offers the WiFi facility I jumped at the opportunity and here I am. Imagine my surprise regarding the speed. Its hell of a fast. I cannot believe that WiFi can actually be so fast.

Force India got their first Formula One points. Yay to that. I cant believe Fisichella came in 2nd. Hope they keep the momentum. This was the only team not to score any points this season so yep its high time they did it. I still cant forget the Monaco race last year when Raikkonen’s car smashed into Sutil towards the end of the race when Sutil was almost sure of getting a podium finish.

Sumi and I are almost done working in our cooking website. It will be up soon. I love the design she made and for the first time I did the entire XHTML coding thats compliant and usable yay!!

India Info Centre now runs completely with WordPress. Why did I move? It was just a practice for the recipe site as I want that to be on WordPress. This site is still running in Textpattern though.

Well adios talk with you later 😀