Immediate Tasks at Hand

May 27, 2007 @ 1:20 am

Being the stupid idiot I am, I didnt open this blog for ages and neither read the WP dev blog. So today that I logged into my WP login page I read that WP 2.2 is released and they are asking us to do a mandatory upgrade. I think my host has already enabled it in my CPanel. So I guess I am gonna do the upgrade tonight. I hope the theme doesnt get destroyed. I am sure it wont but still.

Its going slow in competition world. Web Leagues goes on summer break in 2 more weeks. But the great me 🙂 has decided a open a new comp, War of the Websites – The Weekend Challenge. Its different because it is going to be the first ever competition that runs only during the weekend. I know many people get bored during the holidays and such so I gave this a try. Its going to be a small competition and I hope people join. Some people do get bored during the long summer breaks that all competitions take. I normally do not get bored the first month but then start. I welcome the break of 2-3 months from being a staff member. In order to let my new comp catch on I have decided to open it during the summer break months. I hope some people join it just to cure their boredom. 🙂 Wish me luck.