Comeback to Blogging

August 17, 2007 @ 9:32 am

Well its been ages since I blogged and in between had server moves and site moves and god knows what else. I have decided to blog again. The few readers that I had are not there anymore which is expected 😉 Hopefully things will come back to normalcy and I will actually start writing more regarding anything. I have lost most of my old posts so no use trying to get them. I had the database right but unfortunately it got corrupted during the server move. Thankfully everything else and all my sites are there now.

These days I have my parents living with me and I am just having loads of fun. Though now that dad’s here he needs to get all his checkups and surgeries done. The right eye cataract is done and he is recuperating now. Wednesday is his first followup meeting with the doc and hopefully he is healing well and get his new glasses. Once the eye heals properly I will get him consult a Neuro and a Urosurgeon. The names rhyme but these are serious concerns for him. I just hope his kidney stones have not gone bad and his occasional fainting is not anything serious.

So whats good these days. Mom’s cooking yep 🙂 Since she’s been here she’s the one cooking and Sumi is enjoying. Well poor thing with her regular headaches she always gets tired 🙁 Hopefully we get her Sinus operation done soon. The doc says whatever problem she’s having now everything is due to the Sinus.

My work life is going ok. Its been slow but so far I have caught up with everything. Some perception and misunderstanding are there but I guess they are part and parcel of any workplace and I really can’t avoid them.

Coming to websites, well lots of plans but nothing is coming to reality hehehe. Most important is completing this Shubhomeet site itself. Everything is in place but there is still a lot I wish to do. Hope they get done soon by me. Sumi and me are planning a joint cookery blog and needless to say the design’s got to be hers 😉 So yea we are going there slowly. And I still have to get up a website for our marriage pics. The people at GOF are pestering me hehehe. And they should its been over 1 year now and they didnt see any of them 😮 So this lazy butt is gonna start doing all these. Hopefully I can.